Sampler Pack - Decadent

Sampler Pack - Decadent

Our Decadent Sampler Pack is designed to indulge your sweetest cravings with a selection of our most luxurious popcorn flavors. Each pack offers a delightful mix of rich, sweet, and irresistible tastes that are sure to satisfy.

Explore our featured flavors:

1. Corolla Crunch: A perfect blend of caramel and nuts, offering a delightful crunch with every bite.
2. Drizzle: A decadent treat with popcorn drizzled in rich chocolate, creating a symphony of sweet and savory.
3. Pirate Blend: A treasure trove of colors featuring vanilla for a truly indulgent experience.
4. Flavor of the Month: A rotating special that highlights seasonal and unique flavors, ensuring a new delight with every pack.

Whether you're treating yourself, sharing with friends, or gifting someone special, the Decadent Sampler Pack is the ultimate choice for a luxurious snacking experience.

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